Cimco Marine AB (publ) receives significant order for the OXE300

Cimco Marine AB (publ) has today received orders for the OXE300 from one of its distributors in the Americas in respect to mainly governmental use. The total revenue for this order is approx. EUR 3 million for the base units, excluding accessories, service kits and spare parts.

Delivery of the OXE300 units will commence once start of production commences, which is expected to be in the second quarter of 2020. The entire order is expected to be delivered during 2020.

I am extremely pleased that, following the successful marketing launch of the OXE300 at the Genoa Boat show in September, the level of interest in our product has increased substantially and the order now received is in reflection of the quality and acceptance of our current production of the OXE200”, says Myron Mahendra, CEO

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New collaboration with Vesper Marine

We are glad to announce our latest collaboration with Vesper Marine, one of the world’s biggest marine safety products manufacturers and leader in R&D in that field.


Vesper Marine is dedicated to creating products with technically superior features, but just as important is the need to make them easy to operate. Marine safety is too important to be hidden deep in menus or displayed on cluttered screens that make it hard to determine what’s important and what’s just noise. Rather than repackaging existing designs, our innovative design team develops products from the ground up. This allows much greater flexibility and better product performance. Their designs are brought to life by our highly trained and skilled manufacturing team. The people at Vesper Marine have many years of experience developing marine electronics products and are well-known for sharing their knowledge. When you buy a Vesper Marine product, you can be certain it’s 100% best-of-breed and that you’ll receive outstanding technical support both before and after you buy.

Vesper Marine is a global provider of marine safety products for commercial and recreational vessels, aids to navigation and marine asset protection solutions. Their award-winning solutions are designed for performance, reliability and ease of use and are backed by outstanding technical support. Committed to rigorous R&D and innovation, they design and manufacture affordable practical electronic solutions that enhance safety.

Vesper Marine Electronics provide safety at sea, at anchor and for your crew with their VHF, AIS and Monitoring solutions


WatchMate Vision2 and XB-8000 transponders feature award-winning smartAIS technology for Collision Avoidance, Anchor Watch and Man Overboard situations.

SAFETY UNDERWAY-Collision Prevention

Continuously determine crossing situations, receive collision alarms with full vessel information for critical action.


Sleep soundly, knowing you’ll be alerted if your anchor is dragging.


Be alerted when your crew activate an AIS MOB device and see their current location for asy retrieval.

Vesper Marine is also the manufactured of CORTEX, the world's most advanced VHF with built-in smartAIS SOTDMA transponder and remote vessel monitoring which will be available soon.


  • Vesper Marine receives International Boatbuilders (IBEX) Innovation Award 2019
  • Vesper Marine's Cortex Wins NMEA Best New Product Award 2019
  • Vesper Marine's smartAIS® Wins Pittman Innovation Award 2018
  • WatchMate XB-8000 awarded 2017 Editors’ Choice for Gear of the Year
  • Vesper Marine's deckWatch App honored with 2017 IBEX Innovation Award


  • Vesper Marine’s Cortex is nominated for the coveted DAME Award 2019
  • Vesper Marine deckWatch Nominated for DAME Award 2017
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New collaboration with Mission Critical Electronics.

We are glad to announce our new collaboration with Mission Critical Electronics company.

Mission Critical Electronics has been supplying commercial, military, recreational and workboats with a wide range of innovative AC & DC products for over 50 years.


Mission Critical Electronics's brands for the marine sector are Asea Power Systems and Newmar.

Asea Power Systems offers AC power products, mainly Shore Power Converters and Isolation Transformers that meet power requirements from 250VA up to 1MW. Over the years the ASEA range of products has grown to become one of the most comprehensive ranges of frequency converters in the world.

Based in California, ASEA Power has a proud legacy of innovation and performance building their wide portfolio of products to exceed industry safety standards, making them a brand of choice for quality boat builders. The ASEA range brings the advantages of shore power conversion to vessels of all sizes. The ability to plug into any shore power supply across the globe whether they are a smaller yacht or a superyacht, has led to ASEA frequency converters being installed in superyachts and OEM ranges worldwide.

Newmar offers DC products including battery chargers, DC-DC converters, DC-AC converters, high power supplies and many more. Our battery chargers are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the factory ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Cimco Marine AB  has developed the next generation diesel-powered outboard - OXE 300. 


It is the world’s most powerful diesel outboard and the most fuel-efficient outboard in its power range – consuming some 40% less fuel than a modern gasoline outboard.


Its unique, game-changing, patented design is capable of delivering 680 Nm of torque (the highest in any 300 hp outboard), available already at 1750 rpm – Perfect for commercial maritime operations where strength, power, low fuel consumption and long range are key.

After collecting many thousands of operating hours in commercial applications across the globe, the current OXE series of Diesel Outboards has clearly demonstrated its capabilities of strength, durability and fuel efficiency.

In the tests performed to date - the OXE Diesel 300 has proven to consume 40% less fuel than a 300 hp petrol outboard of the latest model, increasing the potential range by 60%. The break-even period when comparing OXE 300 to a 300 hp pleasure craft petrol outboard varies between 500 and 1000 hours, based on purchase of the products and fuel cost alone. Taking into account that the OXE 300 also has longer operational life span, less cost for maintenance and increased safety, this break-even period is reduced further, increasing the financial gains for the operator.

The OXE 300 delivers 300 hp on the propeller shaft and meets the latest required emission standards. It reduces carbon dioxide by more than 35%, carbon monoxide by more than 99% and combined hydrocarbons and NOx by more than 70%, compared to petrol outboard standards (EPA-Tier 3, RCD SI-Outboard and CARB 3 star).

The OXE 300 will be displayed and ready for tests on the water at Genoa Boat Show 19th to 24th of September. Orders for the OXE 300 can be placed starting 20th of September via the OXE distributor network. Production will commence in May 2020.


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Team Malizia and Greta Thunberg complete their zero-emission Atlantic crossing

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York City today after a two-week sail across the Atlantic aboard the high-tech racing yacht Malizia II. Upon arrival, the sailboat was met by Torqeedo-powered electric boats to assist and escort the 60-ft sailboat to its final berth in Manhattan.



“We’re supporting Team Malizia as the voyage sends an important message that, wherever you go, there is always a low-carbon option.” said Dr. Christoph Ballin, CEO and co-founder of Torqeedo.

Torqeedo-powered electric boats assisted with undocking and traveling safely out of the harbour when Malizia II shoved off from Plymouth, U.K., on Aug. 14. Upon arrival in New York, Torqeedo again provided electric boats, including two tenders powered by Deep Blue 50 kW outboards and an inflatable harbour support vessel, to assist with manoeuvring through New York Harbour’s busy shipping channels and docking in lower Manhattan’s North Cove Marina.

The Malizia II was also accompanied through the harbour by a small fleet of boats with sails representing the United Nations sustainability goals, and well-wishers on land and water, welcoming Greta to the United States.

Torqeedo is the market leader for electric mobility on the water. Founded in 2005 in Starnberg, the company develops and manufactures electric and hybrid drives from 0.5 to 100 kW for commercial applications and recreational use. Torqeedo products are characterized by an uncompromising high-tech focus, maximum efficiency and complete system integration. Torqeedo is part of DEUTZ Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative drive systems.

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