MerCruiser Bravo Four S Forward Facing Drive

Mercury Marine® today unveiled its Bravo Four S™ forward-facing drive with Smart Tow® controls, a new drive system for MerCruiser® engines that elevates the art of crafting perfect wakes for wakesurfing, wakeboarding and other tow sports.

Digital controls that coordinate ballast, surf tabs and propulsion settings under a single and intuitive user interface make it easier than ever before.

Water tow sports like wakesurfing and wakeboarding — has gained global popularity. Mercury engineers carefully studied all the refinements that go into optimizing a boat's wake for each of the various tow sports and devised a system to make those settings easy for the boater.

"Whether boaters are veteran wakesurfers or new to tow sports, the Bravo Four S forward facing drive delivers the power to do it safely and reliably in combination with proven MerCruiser 4.5 liter V6, 6.2 liter V8 and 8.2 liter V8 sterndrive engines ranging from 250hp to 430hp."

Mercury SmartCraft® digital technologies, including an upgraded Smart Tow system, come standard with the Bravo Four S drive. These controls allow customization of the tow sports experience with just a few taps on a Mercury VesselView® touchscreen display. The driver can simply select the desired tow sports activity, and the Smart Tow system will display the appropriate controls to dial in the perfect launch acceleration, towing speed and wake characteristics.

Other advantages of the Bravo Four S drive include:

    Enhanced maneuverability, especially at low speeds, resulting from the forward facing props' extra "grip" on the water;
    The SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift system for precise control, which is particularly important when riders are in tow;
    A selection of five new propellers designed specifically to leverage all the advantages of the Bravo Four S drive; and
    Support from the vast network of Mercury authorized dealers who can service the entire system, from drive to display.

We started with our highly visionary legacy designs and added new technologies, digital functionality for the user and seamless integration with the engine and boat controls. This is the forward facing drive for the new generation of tow sports enthusiasts.

The new MerCruiser Bravo Four S forward facing drive will be available in EMEA markets from October 2020.

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OXE Marine AB and BMW to co-brand the OXE300

Following the successful collaboration with the BMW Group of marinizing their 3 litre, 6 cylinder bi-turbo engine for use in the OXE300s, both parties have agreed to co-brand the OXE300.


The purpose of this is to develop the overall sales and marketing initiatives with the focus on the premium quality aspects of the product – as phrased in the Company’s promise of delivering “products of unprecedented power, reliability and endurance”.


The BMW logo and the caption “In cooperation with BMW” is to be displayed on the side and rear of the cowling as well as to be used in various marketing material.

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Update regarding Covid-19

Our top priority is to protect the health of our employees, customers and fellow citizens.

For the time being, οur physical store will remain closed to the public, while part of our team works from home.

Security staff continues to work and support all vital departments at Motocraft's headquarters.

You can place your order online at and by phone at 210-9888288

For more information you can contact us at

We continue to monitor the situation and are in good hope that with team effort and the personal responsibility of all of us we will soon return to normality.

Stay home, stay safe, stay strong!

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New partnership with Alamarin Jet

Motocraft SA is pleased to announce the its partnership with Alamarin Jet. Alamarin Jet is one of the leading manufacturers of water jet propulsion systems for yachts, work boats, military and lifeboats. Alamarin Jet's solutions are designed for maximum performance, reliability and ease of use, delivering excellent performance and extraordinary control of the boat.


Alamarin-Jet History

Alamarin-Jet was founded over 40 years ago in 1976 by Finnish engineer Mr. Jussi Mäntylä.

Jussi Mäntylä’s hobby was sport fishing along the rocky coast of the Baltic Sea, of course this environment is not well suited to outboards or sterndrives and he realised that a water jet was required. Having investigated what was available to purchase he decided to develop his own water jet…and Alamarin-Jet Oy was born.

Alamarin-Jet started with the manufacturing of their Hard Top Jet Boat range and also in the early days offered complete boat conversations including engines from Ford Sabre, Volvo Penta and Mercury.

Alamarin-Jet also made complete jet modifications to Buster and Silver boats, the largest manufacturers of aluminium boats in Europe.

In the beginning of the early 1990s Alamarin-Jet stopped building boats and focussed only on the production of complete water jet units.

1997 marked the beginning of deliveries to SOLAS type approved vessels, with the AJ 230 being fitted by ASTRA-MARINE OY in Finland to their newest Fast Rescue Craft.

Alamarin-Jet are now the worldwide market leader supplying jets to the SOLAS LIFE BOAT industry.

In 2002 Alamarin-Jet entered a new era when it was purchased by the HT-GROUP,  with Mr Hannu Teiskonen’s main aim to turn Alamarin-Jet into a world leading manufacturer of water jet propulsion systems.

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OXE diesel 150hp outboard delivered by Motocraft SA in Greece

The OXE diesel 150hp outboard just delivered by Motocraft SA in Greece, stands true to its name and easily thrusts this 9,5m, weighing an immense 10 tons HDPE work-boat operating at the Ionian Sea!


The boat operates 8 hours/day and supplies fish farms with food, gear and personnel.

The OXE Diesel 150hp outboard, by Cimco Marine AB, was selected for this demanding project as it offers unparalleled efficiency and torque with low fuel consumption and emissions, critical for the sensitive environment it operates. OXE is the world's first high performance diesel outboard setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for an outboard engine.

OXE is the world's first high performance diesel outboard setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for an outboard engine.


Cimco Marine, the manufacturer behind the engine, started this project with the mission to design the first high output diesel outboard, the keywords were durability, endurance and performance. These words are now embedded within this product.


The patented technology has enabled Cimco to design a robust drive unit that will effectively transfer high torque diesel power. Combined with a modular layout and proven diesel technology, this ensures for an extremely robust heavy-duty product.


The OXE Diesel Outboard fulfills the NATO "single fuel" directive, offering ideal, safe solutions for naval, military, rescue and large commercial applications, but also for small craft fishermen, survey, tourism, yacht tender, taxi and pilot operations where range, load carrying performance and running costs are more significant factors.



The common rail turbo charged diesel engine provides high efficiency and torque. This results in powerful thrust and acceleration, with the capacity to carry heavy loads. The engine runs on a large variety of fuels: EN 590, ASTM D 975 etc.


The use of highly refined, modern automotive based engine technology provides for the industry leading emission levels and subsequent minimized impact on the environment.


Diesel is a less flammable fuel and therefore safe to work with in hazardous environments. Robust design and crash stop capabilities leads to safe operation in fierce conditions.


Easily accessible service points and a modular design create a user friendly environment. The reliable automotive powerhead keeps costs of maintenance and spare parts low. The modular design gives the user the opportunity to change parts and maintain the outboard without having to replace the unit.




  • Diesel Engine
  • Low Speed Control
  • Fuel Economy
  • CAN based helm control system
  • Dual helm capability
  • Joystick docking
  • Robust modular design
  • Low drag propulsion housing
  • Directly replaceable with other outboards
  • Quick shift capable



 Technical Features

Engine Type

Diesel, L4




380Nm at 2500rpm


150hp at 4100rpm





Alternator Output

130 AMP


Closed cooling circuit



Dimensions 25'' leg, LxHxW                     

994 x 1880 x 678 mm

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